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05-11-2020 | New DKD Video
03-27-2020 | Proofreading & Editing

For anyone who's interested in help on publishing their books, Valicity Elaine is really good at proofreading and editing and giving general pointers on making your book better. She's helped me with my two books and I couldn't have gotten them done without her help. She can be contacted thru her website - therebelchristian.com

03-23-2020 | Shameless Links

Hi there, here are some shameless self-promotion links. I promise to keep these to an absolute minimum.



03-01-2020 | First Reader

It's been almost 4 year long years, but today I got my very first reader to subscribe for new stories. As an added bonus, he or she will be getting detailed instructions on how to survive July 4, 2022 (see below).

06-05-2016 | The Picture

Those are smoke entrails I recently extracted from Zelzani. Done right, beings will emerge from them. And they always have a story to tell. Please note, though, I don't refer to them as 'characters.' It's purposeful. They're not characters. They're real and I treat them as such. That's one of the reason why Zelzani allows me to use his entrails.

As to the other reasons, well Zelzani is very private. Plus, too much disclosure might lead to . . . .

06-04-2016 | Me

I started writing in 2027. I was pretty successful too, until I was forced to travel back here. Since then, it's been a bit of a slog as my stories haven't attracted many readers. My critics say it's because a finely tuned sense of the possible is completely lacking from my work.

To that I respond: Wow! How I wish that were true. But don't feel bad for me. Coming from the future does have its perks. For instance, semi-frequent sports bets help make ends meet. And advance notice of where not to be on July 4, 2022 is going to make survival a helluva lot easier, both for me and those lucky few whom I take into my confidence.

Oops! Shouldn't have mentioned that last part.

Anyway, if you'd like to be notified when I release stories involving flights of fantasy or, more importantly, stories which give hints of what's to come, go ahead and enter your email address above. I promise not to abuse the privilege by spamming you. And, hopefully, after reading my stories, you'll find some enjoyment in the short time we all have left on this planet.